But Why?: Why Are Boys Boys And Girls Girls?

This week we’re answering questions about gender.

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the differences between boys and girls so we’re tackling them with Vanderbilt anthropologist Anna Catesby Yant and Dr. Lori Racha of UVM Medical Center.

Other questions we answer: Why are boys taller than girls? Do only boys have Adam’s apples? Why can’t girls grow beards? Why do most boys have short hair?  Why do girls wear makeup and boys don’t? Why do professional sports have all-men’s and all-women’s teams? Why can more girls do the splits than boys? Why didn’t women have as many rights as men back in the olden days?

In this episode we have a frank but age-appropriate conversation about male and female bodies and about how biological sex differs from gender. We think the whole family will enjoy this episode, but you’re always free to give our episodes a listen to see if it’s right for your young ones.

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