But Why?: What Happens To The Forest After A Fire?

Why do forest fires happen?

What happens to the forest after a fire? Sometimes you send us questions about things you’ve heard about, and sometimes you send us questions about your experiences. We’ll hear from 5-year-old Abby in Australia who wanted to know more about the bush fires near her home earlier this year. Liam and Emma tell us about their wildfire experiences in California, and we get answers to your questions from Ernesto Alvarado, professor at the University of Washington.

While forest fires can happen almost anywhere, some parts of the world are more prone to them than others, because of weather conditions and landscape.

Many parts of Australia experience wild fires, or bush fires. The end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, was a particularly bad fire season in Australia. Millions of acres burned. Homes and buildings were destroyed in some areas, and, very sadly, some people and many animals were killed.

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