Brains On! Is There Life On Other Planets?

Is there anybody out there? Like, WAAAAY out there?

In this episode we hear from astronomer Laura Danly about the search for life on other planets. We’ll also learn what that search has in common with a fairy tale (HINT: it involves three bears). And prepare to be wowed by an original story about aliens from an 11-year-old sci-fi writer. All that plus the Mystery Sound and a song about one of Jupiter’s moons.

READ “I am the Universe” by Jasper Nordin. SEE the aliens he invented for his story.

TURN YOUR BRAIN ON: We want to see your alien creations! Draw your best alien or write a short story or poem, and send it to us at


Brains On! is an award-winning audio show for kids and families from American Public Media.

K-6, Middle School

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