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Our curriculum uses a combination of free open-source curricula and long-term professional development to customize and support implementation to engage students and create equitable CS programs for all.

Why Teach Computer Science?

Computer science is more than just math and coding. Teaching students computer science from an early age, helps them build logical and analytical skills that they can apply in academics and beyond.

Studies show that students who learn coding from an early age perform better in critical thinking and the better the test scores are in reading, writing, math, and science.

Not only does it build confidence, but it allows students to embrace the beauty of their mistakes and quickly adjust to the challenges and build strong solutions around them. These skills will translate into opportunities for the future and have a lasting impact on the world.

Curriculum Guide


Grade: K-2

Devices/OS: Tablets or Chromebooks

Young coders create a variety of fun and engaging projects while learning the foundation of coding concepts and practices using a simplified, block-used coding platform.


Grade: 3+
Devices/OS: Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi

Coders learn coding concepts and practices by creating interest-driven coding projects using a block-based platform.


Grade: K+
Devices/OS: None

A curated collection of over 100 unplugged lessons that teach core computational concepts and practices without using devices.

micro:bit Extensions

View our micro:bit guides found in the “Project Extensions” of our free Scratch Lesson Plans and Coder Resources. Visit to learn even more about using micro:bit with Scratch.

Integration Studios

Browse our Scratch Studios for integration ideas into subject areas like, math, science, art, health, drama and more.

Join the Discussion Online

Share your ideas, thoughts, and questions with us, and other teachers, online.

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