Atomic Heritage Foundation: To Drop or Not to Drop?

Students weigh the complicated decision to drop the bomb.

  • Computer lab access
  • Printer access
  • Poster board




Students will get into groups of two. Each group will choose from a hat a topic for or against dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan.

  • The pro group will get statistics about how many lives had been lost so far from each country involved, estimates of how many people would die in main land invasion, and who would be involved in mainland invasion (countries and civilians)
  • The con group will receive information on the effects of radiation and the other options that policymakers considered.

Having a smaller piece to look up will help students to focus their efforts. They will need to find research on their topic as well as pictures, first hand accounts, maps and such to help make their point.

Grade Level:

Science Topics
Nuclear Science, Physics, Radiation
Math Topics
Data, Graphing & Statistics
Social Studies Topics
Ethics, World War II
Middle School, Educator
7th Grade, 8th Grade

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