Ask, Listen, Learn: Treat Your Body Like a Top Athelte

The Ask, Listen, Learn underage drinking prevention program teaches
kids what the brain does, what alcohol does to it, and what underage
drinking does to them!

In this activity, students explore the role of their
brain’s cerebellum in motor skills through the lens of an Olympic swimmer.
Students consider why motor skills and coordination are important in the
lives of all people (not just athletes!) and examine the negative effects of
underage drinking on the cerebellum. Students ultimately apply what they
have learned to create a profile of a fictional student their age to highlight
the importance of making safe and healthy decisions.

Students will:
● Summarize the effects of
alcohol use on the cerebellum
● Consider the effects of alcohol
on one’s motor functions
● Reframe the effects of alcohol
on the cerebellum into different
messages that specifically
target and resonate with
middle school students

Science Topics
Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Medicine
K-6, Middle School, Educator
5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade
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