Ask, Listen, Learn: The Science Behind the Effects of Alcohol on Your Brain

The Ask, Listen, Learn underage drinking prevention program teaches
kids what the brain does, what alcohol does to it, and what underage
drinking does to them!

In this activity, students explore the differences
between short-term memory and long-term memory and learn the role
that the brain’s hippocampus plays in processing both types of memories.
They also explore how alcohol affects the storage and retrieval of these
memories as they learn about the effects of underage drinking on the
developing brain. Students then discuss various scenarios in which
memories play an important role and consider the risks associated with
not being able to form memories.

Students will:
● Describe their own memories
and consider the importance
of such memories
● Understand the role that
the hippocampus plays in
memories’ formation, as well
as the effects of alcohol on the
development and retrieval of
● Analyze the risks associated
with not being able to form


Includes Memory Flip game

Science Topics
Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Medicine
K-6, Middle School, Educator
5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade
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