Ask, Listen, Learn: Marijuana and Your Developing Brain Lesson Plan

The Ask, Listen, Learn video series and supplemental lesson plans have been designed to teach kids about the
impact alcohol has on the developing brain, the short and long-term consequences of underage drinking, and
how to make healthy decisions.

In this 8th installment, the curriculum will focus on how marijuana affects the developing brain and risks associated with youth use. Here, students will learn the basics of the endocannabinoid system, how marijuana obstructs its regular function, how that can affect their body and behavior, and how they can make smart choices. This lesson is designed to follow the first seven videos and lesson plans but can be used as a freestanding unit as well. Before you get started, be sure to read the Educator Primer on Marijuana and the Ask, Listen, Learn Facilitator’s Guide.

Students will:
1. Identify the three parts of the endocannabinoid system
and understand its function
2. Communicate the way in which marijuana affects the
endocannabinoid system
3. Understand the risks associated with youth marijuana
use including addiction and mental health issues
4.Demonstrate the ability to make healthy decision


Science Topics
Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Medicine
K-6, Educator
5th Grade, 6th Grade
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Download lesson plan and materials:

• Marijuana Comprehension Questions
• Marijuana Vocabulary Cards
• Chemical Messages Sheet with THC
• Chemical Messages Sheet No THC
• Enzyme Code Key
• Decision-Making Worksheet

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