Ask, Listen, Learn: Alcohol and Your Developing Cerebellum

This lesson is intended to teach students how alcohol impacts physical and verbal coordination, while simultaneously emphasizing the crucial role of communication skills in living a healthy lifestyle and saying “no” to underage drinking.

Length: 30-40 minutes | Designed for 5th and 6th grade

• Identify the functions of the cerebellum
• Communicate the impact of alcohol on the cerebellum
• Recognize the physical effects alcohol can have on
coordination and motor skills, both physical and verbal
• Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal
communication skills to enhance health and avoid or
reduce health risks

Science Topics
Anatomy & Physiology, Health & Medicine
K-6, Educator
5th Grade, 6th Grade
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Download lesson plan and what you’ll need:

• Cerebellum Comprehension
Questions Sheet
• Cerebellum Vocabulary Cards
• Practice Saying “No” Worksheet

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Ask, Listen, Learn

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