Ask A Biologist: PLOSable - Countdown to Disaster in Marine Food Webs?

Our oceans are becoming warmer and more acidic. How might these changing conditions put marine food webs in danger?

Written by: Tin Hang (Henry) Hung

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Climate change: changes in the Earth’s weather that scientists predict will happen over many years.

Industrial Revolution: a time of development from the late 1700s to the mid-1800s that led to increased use of machines, factories, and energy, and that resulted in increased pollution….more 

Ocean acidification: a reaction that occurs when there is more carbon dioxide present in ocean waters than normal due to an increase in carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide can split into smaller ions, releasing hydrogen ions into the water. This causes the water to become acidic….more

Productive: getting a lot done or providing a favorable environment with food and shelter for many organisms to grow.

Road diversion: a special route for use by traffic when a road is temporarily closed or has restrictions.

Trophic flow: the transfer of energy between trophic levels in a food web….more

Trophic level: a position in a food web, based on relationships with other organisms in the food web….more

Vibrant: bright, or brightly colored.

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