Arizona Science Center: Sari on Science - Explain the Formation of Fossils With This Fun, At-Home Activity

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

My daughter and I both love these prehistoric creatures, so imagine her surprise when she asked me if she could meet a Tyrannosaurus rex, and I got to say, ‘“Yes!” In preparing for Arizona Science Center’s exhibition, “Victoria the T. rex,” which opened Nov. 17, I used this activity to help explain to Carson how fossils are formed, and how we can still see the remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric plants, even though they are millions of years old.

Did you know? While the Tyrannosaurus rex lived more than 65 million years ago, the oldest known fossils are actually of cyanobacteria in layered formations called stromatolites. They date back 3.5 billion years!

Early Childhood, K-6

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