Arizona Geological Survey: Geologic Database

Arizona Geological Survey produce geologic maps and reports to support natural resource use and natural hazard assessment.

In Support of Our Mission

To support our mission and meet state statute responsibilities, the Arizona Geological Survey will:

  • provide geologic information to enhance public understanding of the state’s geologic character, geologic hazards and limitations, and mineral resources;
  • inform, advise and assist the Arizona public in matters concerning the geological processes, Earth materials, landscapes, and the development and use of mineral resources;
  • provide technical advice and assistance to industry while encouraging the wise and prudent use of Arizona lands and mineral resources;
  • provide technical geologic advice and assistance to state, tribal, and local civil authorities.

Chief Research & Information Fields

For more than 100 years, Survey geologists have mapped and described the bedrock and surficial geology of Arizona; with especial emphasis on densely populated central and southeastern Arizona.

Early geologic investigations focused on mineral resources. Over the past 50 years, however, we have increasingly focused on identifying, documenting, and communicating geologic hazards to civil and tribal authorities, the public, and Arizona’s industries and businesses.

Quick links to AZGS research areas

AZGS Online Document Repository. The AZGS publication catalog, comprising PDF copies of the more than 1,000 reports, bulletins, and geologic maps published since 1915, is available at our online document repository. All materials are free to download; no log-in required.

Information and Services

The AZGS publishes and disseminates geologic maps, reports, and databases to inform our stakeholders of the geologic setting, resources, and hazards of Arizona. We build, deploy, and curate digital geologic information databases – Database & Map Services. Additionally, we engage in science outreach through our Geologic Extension Service, and maintain a central repository for well cuttings, core, and associated supplementary data.

The Arizona Geological Survey: A Short History

The Arizona Geological Survey is the latest in a line of academic departments and state agencies serving the people of the Arizona Territory and now the State of Arizona. In 1883, then Territorial Governor Tritle, requested federal assistance in establishing a geologic survey for the Arizona Territory.

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