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There are currently 29 biotic communities listed for the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

A biotic community is a region that can be identified by a distinct plant community or associations. (Biome is interchangeable with biotic community.) In Arizona, there are six main biotic communities: tundra,forest, woodland, scrub, grassland and desert. Each of these main communities can be further subdivided.


Wild Kids Activity Sheets:

These activity pages were originally created more than a decade ago. Every few months, a set of activity pages focused on a particular topic would be mailed to interested individuals. Each set consisted of age specific reading material and activities for students in grades K-3, 4-6, and 7-12.

“Wild Kids” is no longer produced. Over the years, more than thirty different issues were developed. Most have been recovered from our archives. However, some are still “missing in action.”

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