Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona - Perspectives in Wolf Conservation

In an ideal world, everyone would agree on the best ways to manage and conserve wildlife.

In reality, however, it can be hard to separate wildlife management from the politics of the day. And few wildlife conservation issues elicit more extremes of opinion than the Mexican wolf reintroduction in the southwestern United States.

Students will explore the social realm of wolf management. They will read two articles that present varying perspectives on wolves in Arizona. They will have the chance to analyze the different viewpoints and to separate facts from opinion.

They will place the arguments on different sides of the issue to explore balance. Finally, the students will explain their own viewpoint by writing an editorial to a local newspaper.

The lesson is available as a downloadable PDF that includes ideas to extend and modify the lesson for different audiences.

Conservation & Sustainability, Zoology
High School, Educator

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