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In this activity, students will use try to identify a canine and feline skull by thinking about their pets

. Then, they will study the teeth of different skulls while determining what the animals might eat.


Digital Learning Activity: 

Today, more and more education is happening away from the classroom. Students are accessing content from home, while on vacation, and from countless other locations. In an attempt to address this growing education movement, the Arizona Game and Fish Department has created a series of digital learning activities. These resources use Google Forms to create interactive activities that allow students to explore different wildlife-related topics with ease. The students just need Internet access. There is no software to install. It does not matter which web browser they use. They are designed for anyone.

These should primarily be used as a supplement to other instruction that is taking place and should not be expected to be the sole activity on any particular topic. Since they have been developed for anyone to access, they have not been designed to collect a score. However, the students will have the option to see all of their responses. If you wish to confirm their completion of the activity, you just need to have the students select “View Accuracy” after they submit at the end. When they do this, a new tab will open will a complete log of their responses. The students can either send this link to you or print out a copy and hand it in.

Science Topics
Middle School
6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

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