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Everything You Need to Start Confidently Teaching Online.

Are you a teacher, a parent, or a school administrator who is struggling with educational tech and lesson planning for online classrooms that are becoming the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic?

You’re at a loss when it comes to what to teach or how to teach it now that you are in a virtual classroom? Or you simply have no idea what tools and resources to refer to as you become more involved and hands-on with your kid’s education?

Welcome to All Digital School, an online education resource platform that curates lesson plans, materials, and educational tech with the sole goal of helping educators and parents create better learning experiences for students.

In the coming weeks and months, our goal is to make All Digital School a place where you can find all the necessary materials that will help you organize online classrooms, create lessons, connect with students virtually, and master various software needed to teach online.

The site and directory are 100% free.

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