AirSpace: Under Pressure (Season 1, Ep.13)

Want to know what it’s like in outer space? Your best bet is under the sea.

Life on a deep-space mission may be a lot like life in a deep-sea submersible, and the extreme environments found on the sea floor may give us clues as to where to look for life on other planets. In this episode, Emily, Matt, and Nick talk deep-sea diving, marine microbes, prog rock, and Emily’s favorite – ocean worlds. Guests include oceanographer and microbiologist Dr. Julie Huber of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik.

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AirSpace Podcast

Behind those amazing artifacts in the National Air and Space Museum are thousands of stories of human achievement, failure, and perseverance. Join AirSpace hosts Emily, Matt, and Nick as they demystify one of the world’s most visited museums and explore why people are so fascinated with stories of exploration, innovation, and discovery.

Biology, Ecology, Oceanography
High School

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