AirSpace: Cute Little Robots in Danger? (Season 1, Ep.8)

Did we just find life on Mars? No.

But NASA did announce two exciting new discoveries on the Red Planet—just before a Martian dust storm engulfed the planet. In this episode, Emily, Matt, and Nick will break down the meaning of the recently discovered organic molecules and mysterious methane, discuss the emotional attachment we invest in our roving robot friends, and explore the daunting challenges and enduring allure of exploring the fourth rock from the Sun.

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AirSpace Podcast

Behind those amazing artifacts in the National Air and Space Museum are thousands of stories of human achievement, failure, and perseverance. Join AirSpace hosts Emily, Matt, and Nick as they demystify one of the world’s most visited museums and explore why people are so fascinated with stories of exploration, innovation, and discovery.

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High School
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