Raising da Vinci: 10 Easy Science Experiments That Will Amaze Kids

Easy Science Experiments that will AMAZE your kids!

What could be more amazing than invisible ink or a magic cloud in a bottle? How about the power to bend water? With these experiments kids will learn about air compression, acids and bases, chemical reactions, elements, and so much more! Amazing Science Can Be Really Easy

Most of these experiments are very easy and include household items.

Cloud In A Bottle – 0:13
Imploding Can – 0:44
Bouncy Egg – 1:15
Invisible Ink – 2:28
DIY Hovercraft – 3:22
Bending Water – 4:41
Balloon Racers – 4:23
Exploring Gallium– 5:16
Exploding Bag – 6:16
Balloon Inflator -6:52

Chemistry, Physics, Pressure

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