Carnegie STEM Girls: Exploding Foam
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: See how an exothermic reaction can make exploding foam!

Siemens STEM Day: It's A Gas!
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will produce different chemical reactions with yeast.

Ologies: Gastroegyptology (BREAD BAKING) with Seamus Blackley

Polymath, particle physicist, inventor of the Xbox, and truly delightful fermentation nerd Seamus Blackley joins to chat about his kitchen adventures resurrecting dormant yeasts from 4,000 Egyptian baking vessels, plus wild yeasts, the infuriating myth of “yeast scarcity,” the beauty of everyday objects, the debt we owe our ancestors, the joy of getting to know your dough plus tons of tips for newbie and experienced bakers.

Ologies: Zymology (BEER) with Quinton Sturgeon

Learn about yeasts, how beer is made, the hardest part about being a beer maker, the thick history of beer, some home brewing tips and also a nugget about bungholes.

Short Wave: The Science of Making Bread
Short Wave (NPR)

Chemist and baker Patricia Christie explains the science of making bread, including a few tips for when things go wrong with your bread dough.