Jessie Rack: Who Pooped in the Garden? Worm Science
Jessie Rack (University of Arizona)

Ecologist Jessie Rack is here to teach about earthworm science in the garden!

DK Find Out! Invertebrates

Invertebrates are animals without a backbone or internal skeleton.

Ologies: Bilharziology (BLOOD FLUKES) with Anouk N. Gouvras

A LOST EPISODE! Three years in the making, this interview features vials of vile creatures, worm drama, febrile hallucinations, spooning, and unfortunate snacks.

Ologies: Planariology (VERY COOL WORMS, I PROMISE) with Oné Pagán

Planarian expert Dr. Oné Pagán shares his infectious enthusiasm for the teeny tiny ribbons of flesh that are helping scientists understand addiction, limb regeneration, stem cells, immortality and maybe aliens though probably not aliens.