National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Animal Word Search
National Park Service

Search your way through the jumble of letters and find some of the animals who call the Apostle Islands home (even if just a summer home).

National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Lighthouse Word Search
National Park Service

Try your skill at finding all the “lighthouse” words in this lighthouse.

California Academy of Sciences: Science @ Home - Swamp Life Word Search
California Academy of Sciences

Swamp habitats provide a home for many different kinds of plants and animals.

Environmental Protection Agency: Acid Rain Word Search
Environmental Protection Agency

Search through this jumble of letters to find words that you learned about on this Web site.

Tohono Chul @ Home: Saguaro Activity Pack
Tohono Chul

Includes Saguaro Seed Game, Cactus Quiz, Animals of the Desert Matching Activity, and Saguaro Word Search.

Tohono Chul @ Home: Queen of the Night Word Search
Tohono Chul

The Night Blooming Cereus, Peniocereus greggi, the aptly nick-named “The Queen of the Night”, creates an elusive flower, blooming en masse only one night of the year.

Ask, Listen, Learn: Brain Word Searches
Ask, Listen, Learn

Can you find each of the vocabulary words in these puzzles? Test your developing brain and vocab knowledge, and then make sure you know what each word means!