DK Find Out! Insects

From beautiful butterflies to buzzing mosquitoes, insects are the most successful animals on Earth.

Pest World for Kids: Wasps
Pest World for Kids

There are 4,000 kinds of wasps in the United States.

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Bedtime Snack Attack, Something Stinks, and When Wasps Attack
Pest World for Kids

Bedtime snack attack, something stinks and when wasps attack

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Beetle Body Basics, How to Flea-Proof Fido, and the Ant That's ...
Pest World for Kids

Beetle body basics, how to flea-proof Fido and the ant that’s not really an ant!

Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Opossum Pocket Nursery, Wasp Home Improvement, and I've Been St...
Pest World for Kids

Opossum pocket nursery, wasp home improvement and I’ve been stung by a ….caterpillar!

OLogy: You are the Queen
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Can you build a successful wasp colony? Make the right choices and your offspring might have a future!

OLogy: Wonderful World of Wasps
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Wasps can live in hives of thousands, but did you know that most wasps are solitary? Get the facts.

Ologies: Entomology (INSECTS) with Lila Higgins

Meet Lila Higgins: the self-professed “bug geek” with passion more infectious than a glassy winged sharpshooter mouth.