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Arizona Science Center: Vinegar Volcano
Arizona Science Center

This classic science experiment can help demonstrate a simple chemical reaction.

DK Find Out! Structure of the Earth

The Earth is made up of many rocky layers.

DK Find Out! Tectonic Plates

Earth’s surface appears to be still, but it is actually constantly on the move.

Arizona Science Center: Hydrogen Peroxide Volcano
Arizona Science Center

This volcano is more reactive than a standard vinegar and baking soda volcano.

Brains On! Volcanoes in Space
Brains On!

The biggest volcano in our solar system is not on Earth — and its footprint is as big as the entire state of Arizona.

OLogy: Making Rocks
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Visit a scientist’s lab to see how he creates a magma chamber!

Science Vs: Supervolcanoes - Is Yellowstone Gonna Blow?
Science Vs

Is Yellowstone overdue for the BIG ONE, and if it happens, how bad could it be?