SciShow Psych: How Ancient Viruses Might Have Changed Our Brains
SciShow Psych

Recent discoveries about the Arc protein have shown that its function and origin may be even more complicated than scientists originally thought.

SciShow Psych: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
SciShow Psych

Your head feels too big and things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.

DNA Decoded: Breaking the Chain — Viral Transmission
DNA Decoded

After learning to identify the structure of viruses and understand how this structure relates to cellular infection, students will create a 3-D model of the COVID-19 virus and suggest structural changes.

Science Vs: Zika
Science Vs

Where did Zika come from? What happens when you get infected? How worried should you be? And why has Zika has become such a problem recently?

Flash Forward: Fungus Among Us
Flash Forward

How much of what you do is actually your choice? What if you were secretly being controlled by a parasite that had infected your brain? What if that infection was spreading?

Aaron's World: Virus (Season 3, Ep. 32)
Aaron's World

Aaron joins the crew of the S.E.A. Polaris and learns how vaccines can help protect him against an unexpected prehistoric creature.

Short Wave: The Evolution Of HIV Treatment
Short Wave (NPR)

Maggie Hoffman-Terry, a physician and researcher who’s been on the front lines of the epidemic for decades, explains how treatment has evolved, its early drawbacks, and the issue of access to medications.

The Vaccine Makers Project: Meet the Germs
The Vaccine Makers Project

Students learn about the differences between viruses and bacteria to understand that disease arises from different kinds of agents.