Steve Spangler Science: Sun Sensitive Fabric
Steve Spangler Science

Ultraviolet light creates colorful color-changing artwork with sheets of solar sensitive cloth.

Steve Spangler Science: Make Halloween Glow
Steve Spangler Science

Uncover the science of why things glow this Halloween

Steve Spangler Science: Revealing UV with Color – Changing Beads
Steve Spangler Science

Dangerous ultraviolet (UV) light can be revealed using simple, white beads

Steve Spangler Science: Blocking UV Rays
Steve Spangler Science

See how old prescription bottles have the power to block UV rays.

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Killing Covid-19 at the Speed of (UV) Light
Science Rules!

Dr. Karl Linden explains how ultraviolet light can be used to destroy the coronavirus as if by magic — but it’s not magic, it’s science!

Young Scientist Lab: Tribolumenescence
Young Scientist Lab

Detectable flashes of light are released as wintergreen-flavored candies are crushed in darkness.