The Kennedy Center: Trees in Nature and Art
The Kennedy Center

Discover how artists use trees to inspire their work

DK Find Out! Plants

From the tiny buttercup to the giant redwood trees, plants come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

SciGirls Connect: Asombrosos Arboles | Terrific Trees
SciGirls Connect

SciGirls in Puerto Rico explore the benefits that big trees bring to their ecosystem.

SciGirls Connect: Terrific Trees
SciGirls Connect

Trees play an important part in our ecosystem, but we often overlook them in our daily routines.

Brains On! Trees: From Seed to Shining Seed
Brains On!

Kids love trees. How do we know? They send us a LOT of questions about our bark-wrapped friends.

Outside Podcast: How a Fight Over Trees Transformed American Politics

It wasn’t all that long ago that protecting the environment was an issue considered to be above partisanship.

But Why?: But Why Live - Trees
But Why?

On Friday, June 12th we answered your question about trees and tree communication with scientists Alexia Constantinou and Katie McMahen of the Simard Lab at the University of British Columbia.

Ologies: Part 1 & 2 - Dendrology (TREES) with Casey Clapp: UPDATES + NEW INTERVIEW

Part 1 of a very special duo: Do trees have feelings? How do they talk? How old can they get? Are there any tree stories that will make me cry? Spoiler: YES. Part 2 is the fresh catch-up interview to learn what the world’s most charming and enthusiastic tree expert, Casey Clapp, has been up to since his 2018 episode aired.

California Academy of Sciences: The Color of Drought
California Academy of Sciences

In this silent video, view color-coded data which show how California’s trees were affected by drought in 2016.