Steve Spangler Science: Color Changing Carnation Flowers
Steve Spangler Science

Where does the water really go when a plant is watered?

Raising Dragons: Super Cool Walking Water Science Experiment For Kids
Raising Dragons

This super cool walking water science experiment is so simple to set up and is an excellent way to demonstrate capillary action and transpiration to kids.

Raising Dragons: Celery Science Experiment – Transpiration
Raising Dragons

Here’s a Simple Science Experiment you can do at home to demonstrate a process called transpiration.

Carnegie STEM Girls: Colored Flowers
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: Can you change the color of a flower’s petals?

Siemens STEM Day: A Raindrop Roadtrip
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will ‘become’ water droplets and travel among the different storages of water.

OdySea Aquarium: Water
OdySea Aquarium

Students will focus on the details of the water cycle as well as natural resources and will be able to identify renewable and nonrenewable resources.

OdySea Aquarium: Water
OdySea Aquarium

Students will explore the impact climate change has on the Earth and develop ideas to resolve the global concern of water pollution.