SciShow Psych: Why Having a Baby Can Cause Depression in Both Parents
SciShow Psych

Having a baby is almost always stressful, but it can sometimes be worse than that, and postpartum depression doesn’t just affect mothers.

SciShow Psych: Where Are All the Women with ADHD?
SciShow Psych

For a long time, most people saw ADHD as “a boy thing.”

Ologies: Biological Anthropology (SEXY APES) with Lara Durgavich

Biological Anthropologist Dr. Lara Durgavich joins to chat about everything from monogamy to PMS, male birth control pills, freezers of orangutan urine, imposter syndrome and testosterone, how the Pope makes you buy more tampons, which species has better sex, pancakes vs. boners, and boobs as a life preserver.