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MIT Full STEAM Ahead

MIT FULL STEAM Ahead is a collection of resources that MIT is putting together for teaching and learning online.

The Kennedy Center: String Instruments and Pitch
The Kennedy Center

Why does a violin sound different from a cello?

Phoenix Public Library STEAM DIY - Thaumatrope
Phoenix Public Library

Have fun learning at home about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!

The Kennedy Center: Sunflowers
The Kennedy Center

Students grow their knowledge of sunflowers through science and art

The Kennedy Center: A Butterfly’s Life Cycle Dance
The Kennedy Center

What are the life stages of a butterfly?

The Kennedy Center: Woodwind Instruments and Pitch
The Kennedy Center

What makes a flute sound different from a saxophone?


The Kennedy Center: Animal Habitats
The Kennedy Center

How can animal habitats be described through story, song, drama, or visual art?

The Kennedy Center: Trees in Nature and Art
The Kennedy Center

Discover how artists use trees to inspire their work

The Kennedy Center: Exploring Weather
The Kennedy Center

How does weather influence our culture, daily life, and mood?

The Kennedy Center: Amazing Fibonacci - Hidden Life of Numbers Make Memorable Music
The Kennedy Center

Using the Fibonacci sequence of numbers as the jumping off point, your students study math concepts of pattern, recursion, Phi and the Golden Ratio and develop their ability to analyze the structure of music.

The Kennedy Center: Get Dramatic - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The Kennedy Center

How do visual and theater arts convey issues about the environment?

The Kennedy Center: First Rhythmic Composition
The Kennedy Center

Learning about the terms and symbols associated with music notation