DK Find Out! Electricity

Facts on batteries, circuits, conductors and insulators, electric animals, generating electricity, lightning, neon lights, and static electricity!

Steve Spangler Science: Spinning Match - Table Trick
Steve Spangler Science

he science of static electricity and friction makes this matchstick rotate.

Steve Spangler Science: Electric Cornstarch
Steve Spangler Science

Static electricity and non-Newtonian fluids combine for an amazing hands-on science project

Steve Spangler Science: The Science of Lightning
Steve Spangler Science

Static electricity is fun to play with – unless it’s a ten million-volt lightning strike!

Steve Spangler Science: Floating Static Bands
Steve Spangler Science

Using a little static electricity and some practice, you’ll cause objects to float in midair.

Brains On! Shocking! The Science of Static (Electricity Series Pt. 1)
Brains On!

What makes your hair stand on end? Why does your skirt stick your tights? Why do you get zapped by electric shocks when you go to touch a doorknob?

Raising Dragons: Balloon Static Electricity Experiment
Raising Dragons

The boys came home with balloons from the donut shop so we used them to learn about static electricity.

But Why?: What Is Electricity?
But Why?

Electrical Engineer Paul Hines answers our questions, in part one of our live call-in program.

Young Scientist Lab: Balloon Electroscope
Young Scientist Lab

Use balloons to make an electroscope and witness the effect of static charges before your very eyes!

Young Scientist Lab: Charged Fingers - Do You Have the Magic Touch?
Young Scientist Lab

Do you have the magic touch? Watch as your finger mysteriously moves a pencil without touching it.