Pest World for Kids: Pest Quest - Wily Weevils, Fly's Eyes, and Snacking Snails!
Pest World for Kids

Wily weevils, fly’s eyes and snacking snails!

Ologies: Malacology (SNAILS & SLUGS) with Jann Vendetti

Weather the LA heatwave and slug along with Dr. Jann Vendetti of the Natural History Museum of LA County as she gossips with Alie about some sensual slug lovemaking, Gold Rush lore, urban nails, beer bingeing and why you should stop and high five (high one?) a gastropod for evolving into such an interesting critter.

Short Wave: Lessons In Being Alone, From A Woodland Snail
Short Wave (NPR)

Bailey talks to Short Wave reporter Emily Kwong about the joys of snails and what lessons we can take from one of the slowest creatures on earth.