youcubed: Three Block Towers (1-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

This activity has students exploring shapes and colors.

NRICH: Making a Picture
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

This task provides an opportunity for children to work together to make a picture, discussing with each other which position they want to put each shape in.

youcubed: Triangle Designs (K-2)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Mathematics is a creative and visual subject!

NRICH: Paths
NRICH (University of Cambridge)

By making ‘paths’ out of different materials and discussing these, children will develop their shape and space language in this activity.

Phil Tulga: Pattern Block Rock
Phil Tulga

The Pattern Block Rock activity connects your knowledge of geometric shapes and equivalency to musical notes and rhythms.

youcubed: Unit Rates On Tiles (K-12)
youcubed (Stanford University)

Tiling can be really beautiful and deeply mathematical.

Peter Weatherall: Polygon Song - Just a Boring Square
Peter Weatherall

Learn the names of the polygons with Peter Weatherall’s Polygon Song.

youcubed: Three Block Towers (K-8)
youcubed (Stanford University)

In this activity students investigate the combinations of ways they can make a tower with three different colored blocks.

The Kennedy Center: The Art of Baseball
The Kennedy Center

In this 3-5 lesson, students will explore the sport of baseball to design and construct a model baseball field.

Illuminations: Geoboards
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students use appropriate vocabulary to describe shapes to their classmates.

The Kennedy Center: Mandalas, Polygons, and Symmetry
The Kennedy Center

In this 6-8 lesson, students will create mandalas using mathematical concepts and skills.

Illuminations: Polygon Capture
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

In this lesson, students classify polygons according to more than one property at a time.