Steve Spangler Science: Homemade Rock Candy
Steve Spangler Science

Here’s kitchen chemistry that turns a solution of sugar and water into a tasty treat.

Steve Spangler Science: Magic Crystal Tree
Steve Spangler Science

Create a magically colorful, snow-covered tree.

Arizona Science Center: Sari on Science - Make Your Own Crystal “Snowflakes”
Arizona Science Center

Snowflakes (more scientifically, snow crystals) are made when water vapor freezes inside a cloud.

Crash Course Kids: The Great Picnic Mix Up - Episode 19.1
Crash Course Kids

In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina talks about all the different mixtures, solutions, and ants that can be at a picnic.

OLogy: Grow Rock Candy
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Create your own crystals with sugar. Then enjoy your tasty treat!