DK Find Out! Earth

Find out amazing facts and try some quizzes all about planet Earth, from the highest mountains to the longest rivers, the deepest oceans, and the largest deserts.

DK Find Out! Rock Cycle

The rock cycle is the long, slow journey of rocks down from the Earth’s surface and then back up again.

Jessie Rack: Science will Save the World - Keep on Rockin' in the Rock Cycle
Jessie Rack (University of Arizona)

This week is all about the rock cycle: the natural process of rocks being turned into other kinds of rocks.

California Academy of Sciences: Rock Cycle Roundabout
California Academy of Sciences

After playing a board game to learn how to differentiate the three ways rocks can form, students analyze maps of local topography, water sources, and volcanic activity, to better understand how geology affects a given region. They also experience scale, recognizing geologic processes as fast or extremely gradual.