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Wide Open School
Common Sense - Wide Open School

Wide Open School is a free and open collection of online learning activities for PreK-12th grade students and families. It includes the subject areas of Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing.

Story Time from Space
Story Time from Space

Have a kid who is space obsessed? Introduce them to Storytime from Space, where astronauts read children’s books while in space.

SciShow Psych: The Surprising Connection Between Reading and Rhythm
SciShow Psych

You might know of dyslexia as a reading disorder, but years of research suggests that people with dyslexia might struggle with processing letters because they also have trouble processing rhythm.

SciShow Psych: If You're Reading This, You've Reshaped Your Brain
SciShow Psych

With hard work and perseverance, we can change the way we process the world, and if you’ve learned how to read, you’ve successfully re-trained an entire area of your brain!

Science Rules! Discover Your Reading Superpower with LeVar Burton
Science Rules!

To be scientifically literate, you first have to be literate. That’s why loving reading is so important and why LeVar Burton is here to take your questions!