Mathalicious: New-Tritional Info

In this lesson, students write and evaluate expressions to determine how long it takes to burn off foods from McDonald’s and debate the pros and cons of including this information on fast food menus.

Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Money Makes the World Go Around
Real World Math

Crisscrossing across the Google Earth globe, students connect the monetary units to the related country in a series of exchange rate problems. 

Real World Math: Measurement - Tsunami Warning
Real World Math

In this activity the students will calculate the speeds these killer waves took across the ocean using Google Earth. 

Real World Math: Project Based Learning - Typhoon Project
Real World Math

Included is an example of how Google Earth can be used to graph historic events, such as a typhoon or hurricane. 

Real World Math: Project Based Learning - Iditarod Challenge
Real World Math

In this version of the legendary race, students get to mush a team of sled dogs 1049 miles across Alaska from the comfort of their computers.