Steve Spangler Science: Revealing UV with Color – Changing Beads
Steve Spangler Science

Dangerous ultraviolet (UV) light can be revealed using simple, white beads

StarTalk: Let There Be Light

The universe is awash with radiation, from long wavelength radio waves to short wavelength gamma rays.

Science News for Students: Experts Rethink Need for X-ray Shielding of Patients
Science News for Students

‌The lead ‘aprons’ used may not offer much protection and could degrade imaging quality, they say

OLogy: Light, Matter, and Energy
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Where did Einstein get his great ideas? Find out with this virtual tour.

Siemens STEM Day: Effects of Radiation
Siemens STEM Day

Help students learn that radiation exists all around people both in natural and manmade ways in this activity. Students will use digital and/or print resources to learn about ionizing and non-ionizing radiation along with the benefits/risks associated.

Science Vs: 5G - Welcome to the Revolution?
Science Vs

Is 5G a breakthrough technology that will revolutionize our world, or in a bid to get new gadgets, are we risking our health?

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Killing Covid-19 at the Speed of (UV) Light
Science Rules!

Dr. Karl Linden explains how ultraviolet light can be used to destroy the coronavirus as if by magic — but it’s not magic, it’s science!

Ologies: Radiology (X-RAY VISION) with Varshana Gurusamy

Meet Dr. Varshana Gurusamy: diagnostic radiology resident, Texan and amazing person with great stories.

Short Wave: Micro Wave - The Science Of Microwave Ovens + Listener Mail
Short Wave (NPR)

Introducing Micro Waves: low-calorie episodes featuring bite-sized science, mail from our listeners, and…maybe other stuff in the future?

Atomic Heritage Foundation: Atomic Radiation Laboratory
Atomic Heritage Foundation

Using radiation sensors and a variety of safe radiation sources, students will build an understanding of alpha radiation and the inverse-square law as well as reinforcing important lab skills.

Atomic Heritage Foundation: To Drop or Not to Drop?
Atomic Heritage Foundation

Students weigh the complicated decision to drop the bomb.

Atomic Heritage Foundation: Sadako's Paper Cranes
Atomic Heritage Foundation

Students learn about the tragic legacy of the bomb through arts and crafts.