Real World Math: Exploratory Lessons - Crop Circles 2
Real World Math

This lesson takes an inquiry-based approach to central-pivot irrigation systems with the use of spreadsheets. 

Illluminations: Beverage Sharing and Serving
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students determine, using a nonstandard cup or plastic drinking container, the minimum amount of fruit drink needed to serve class members.

ABCya! Number Grid Fireworks

This educational activity helps kids to develop an understanding of patterns and number relationships by utilizing a number grid.

Illuminations: Get the Picture - Get the Story
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

In the following lesson, students act as reporters at the Super Bowl.

ABCya! Sum Links

Sum Links is a challenging math logic game where the player creates chains by connecting the different numbers on the board to equal the sums on the side of the screen.

Illuminations: Chairs Around The Table
Illuminations (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

Students investigate the number of chairs that can be placed around an arrangement of square tables.

ABCya! Beach Sudoku

Sudoku is an educational activity for practicing children’s math skills.

ABCya! Zero Sum

Welcome to Zero Sum, a fun math-puzzle game!

PBS Learning Media: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in Advanced Manufacturing
PBS Learning Media

In this media-rich lesson plan, students learn how critical thinking and problem solving are used in advanced manufacturing fields, then apply what they’ve learned in activities that are based on real-world scenarios.

Real World Math: Concept Lessons - Scientific Notation 2
Real World Math

This lesson enables students to jump, walk, and crawl around the world without breaking a sweat. 

Real World Math: Measurement - Complex Area
Real World Math

This lesson consists of two parts. 

Real World Math: Measurement - Crop Circles
Real World Math

Anyone who has seen these strange circles from an airplane can see how easily they can be incorporated into a Google Earth math lesson.