Steve Spangler Science: Drag Racing Cups
Steve Spangler Science

Finish your coffee and use this fun and simple experiment to create an awesome racer!

Steve Spangler Science: Candle Seesaw
Steve Spangler Science

This scientific amusement is easily overlooked when you’re thumbing through the pages of an old science book. How exciting can a few candles attached to a stick really be?

Steve Spangler Science: The Unbelievable Pendulum Catch
Steve Spangler Science

Will your hex nuts crash to the ground? Discover the shocking result yourself!

Steve Spangler Science: Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction
Steve Spangler Science

Weave popsicle sticks together to build potential energy before releasing them in a flurry of kinetic energy.

Steve Spangler Science: Bounce No Bounce Balls
Steve Spangler Science

Who would have thought you could teach science at the toy store?

Steve Spangler Science: Newton’s Inertia Beads
Steve Spangler Science

Inertia, force, and motion come together as Sir Isaac Newton’s favorite beads pull themselves out of a container.

Steve Spangler Science: Wind Up Racer
Steve Spangler Science

Potential and kinetic energy displayed in this fun hands-on experiment!

Carnegie STEM Girls: Marshmallow Slingshot
Carnegie STEM Girls

Your Challenge: How far can you launch a marshmallow across the room?