Brains On! Poop Party: Answers to Your Poo Questions
Brains On!

Warning! This episode is all about the fascinating and gross world of doo doo.

But Why?: Why Do We Poop And Fart?
But Why?

Look, everybody does it, so today we’re going to tackle one of the areas kids seem to find fascinating: why and how we poop!

Ologies: Scatology (POOP) with Dr. Rachel Santymire

Dr. Poop sits down with Alie to talk turds and how she uses poo to determine the health and stress of wild and captive animals, plus: poop vs. poo, why some animals poop pellets, muck middens, taking glitter pills, why the Bristol Stool Scale is “the best thing in the universe,” and why the Lincoln Park Zoo has 17 freezers full of dookie.