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PBS Kids: Outdoor Family Fun with Plum
PBS Kids

Get ready for some Outdoor Family Fun with Plum!

DK Find Out! Animals and Nature

Discover fun facts and quizzes, all about amazing animals, plants, and their natural habitats, from the rain forest, to the African savanna, to the polar regions.

DK Find Out! Plants

From the tiny buttercup to the giant redwood trees, plants come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Crash Course Kids: Feed Me - Classifying Organisms - Episode 1.2
Crash Course Kids

FEED ME! In this episode of Crash Course Kids, Sabrina has a chat with us about what living things eat to get energy.

Crash Course Kids: Who Needs Dirt - Episode 27.1
Crash Course Kids

So… do plants need dirt? The truth might shock you.

Crash Course Kids: Look Who's Talking - Episode 27.2
Crash Course Kids

Plants! We absolutely depend on them.

OLogy: Finding Fossils
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Anyone can find fossils. This handy guide tells you where to look and what to do.

Siemens STEM Day: My Plant
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will learn about the common physical characteristics of plants.

Siemens STEM Day: Leaf It To Me
Siemens STEM Day

In this activity, students will participate in a leaf scavenger hunt and assemble a basic leaf collection.