SciShow Psych: Placebos Work Even if You Know They’re Placebos!
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Placebos can alleviate all sorts of symptoms, but there’s debate about their usage from an ethical standpoint.

Science Vs: Antidepressants
Science Vs

There’s an intriguing body of research that suggests the power of antidepressants doesn’t come from chemicals in the drugs, but from the power of placebo.

Science Vs: Placebo - Can the Mind Cure You?
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We dig into the science of placebos to find out more about the power of the mind to heal.

Ask A Biologist: PLOSable - Brains and Pain: Predicting Responses
Arizona State University, Ask A Biologist

Placebos (fake medicine) have been used for years in research to learn about the effects of medications, called drugs. Some patients experience a strange “placebo effect,” where fake drugs work just as well as the real stuff. Scientists are now figuring out a way to predict a patient’s response to drugs, and how the placebo effect can mess with actual drug effects.