Explore.org: Osprey Nest (Charlo, Montana)

Nesting near the treetop home of Charlo’s great horned owl family is an osprey pair, Charlie and Charlotte, who have built a comfortable nest on this raised platform overlooking a picturesque field.

Explore.org: Audubon Osprey Nest (Hog Island)

Welcome to the home of ospreys Phoebe and Steve on Hog Island, Maine.

Explore.org: Osprey Nest (Chesapeake Conservancy)

Get a close-up look into the daily lives of Tom and Audrey, an osprey couple living on Kent Island, Maryland.

Explore.org: Audubon Osprey Boat House (Hog Island)

From this live camera on top of a boat house, you can see the Audubon Society’s ornithology camp at Hog Island, an idyllic habitat where more than 200 species of birds live.

Explore.org: Osprey Nest Branch View (Hog Island)
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This live cam provides an intimate view of the nest of osprey couple Rachel & Steve, who live in the Audubon Camp on Maine’s Hog Island.