National Park Service: Junior Ranger Books - Junior Ranger Night Explorers
National Park Service

Learn to find the North Star, discover the world of constellations, galaxies, and other night time phenomena.

AirSpace: Blinded by the Light (Season 3|Ep.11)

Odds are, if you lived in a city, you saw more stars in the classroom—or a planetarium if you were lucky—than by looking at the night sky (and if not, we’re jealous).

Flash Forward: Goodnight Night
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where darkness is a thing of the past.

Short Wave: SpaceX's Satellite Swarm: Could It Hurt Astronomy?
Short Wave (NPR)

The private space company run by Elon Musk launched 60 satellites into orbit this week. Science correspondent Geoff Brumfiel explains why astronomers worry that kind of traffic — if it continues unabated — could permanently alter their ability to observe the night sky.