Popular Mechanics: Build This Backyard Water Rocket
Popular Mechanics

Test Newton’s third law of motion with this easy-to-build, backyard-friendly water rocket.

Steve Spangler Science: Centripetal Force Penny
Steve Spangler Science

Explore physics and Newton’s first law be spinning a coin on the tip of a wire hanger.

Steve Spangler Science: Film Canister Launcher
Steve Spangler Science

Pressure from expanding gas made with simple materials pops a lid or launches a film canister.

Steve Spangler Science: Squeeze Rocket Launcher
Steve Spangler Science

Have a blast by turning a bottle and straws into a rocket launcher

Steve Spangler Science: Skateboard Rocket Car
Steve Spangler Science

Use a Mentos® and Diet Coke® Geyser to transform a skateboard into a rocket.

Steve Spangler Science: The Egg Drop
Steve Spangler Science

Demonstrate gravity, motion, and other forces with this incredible science trick.

Steve Spangler Science: Centripetal Force Board
Steve Spangler Science

Swinging an open glass of water sounds like a recipe for a mess, but not when you understand the physics behind the trick!

Steve Spangler Science: Inertia Ring
Steve Spangler Science

Inertia can be a bit confusing until you see it revealed by a falling hex nut.

Arizona Science Center: Chem Rocket
Arizona Science Center

Explore an acid and base chemical reaction through this exciting science experiment.

Arizona Science Center: Anti-Gravity Gyros
Arizona Science Center

Explore ways to overcome gravity by building and testing an anti-gravity device.