Mystery Science: What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?
Mystery Science

In this Mystery, students investigate mosquito life cycles and habitats and discover the role of mosquitoes in carrying diseases such as malaria.

Pest World for Kids: Mosquitoes
Pest World for Kids

There are about 170 different kinds of mosquitoes in North America alone.

Pest World for Kids: Why Do Bug Bites Itch?
Pest World for Kids

When it comes to summer there are a few things that come to mind: a break from school, vacation trips with family, smores and, of course, bug bites.

Brains On! Mosquitoes: What Are They Good For?
Brains On!

Listen to this episode to learn more about “the most dangerous animal on the planet.”

National Park Service: Junior Ranger Online - Everglades National Park
National Park Service

The Everglades is a unique and beautiful place that still contains many mysteries. Follow a ranger through your Junior Ranger Experience.

Sidedoor: The World’s Deadliest Animal (Season 3, Ep. 3)
Sidedoor (Smithsonian)

The world’s deadliest animal isn’t the tiger, the snake, or even the alligator—it’s the mosquito.

Flash Forward: The Ultimate Swatting
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where humans have decided to eradicate the most dangerous animal on the planet: mosquitos.

But Why?: Do Bumblebees Have Hearts?
But Why?

Arthropods, including bumblebees have a heart that’s like a straw running down their back. Their open circulatory system bathes their organs with blood.