The Kennedy Center: A Butterfly’s Life Cycle Dance
The Kennedy Center

What are the life stages of a butterfly?

Brains On! When Parasitoids Attack!
Brains On!

After a caterpillar goes into its chrysalis, you would expect a beautiful butterfly to emerge. But when this parasitoid attacks, the results are very different.

Brains On! How Do Monarch Butterflies Travel So Far?
Brains On!

Monarch butterflies are unique — they’re the only butterfly to travel thousands of miles when the seasons change.

Conservation Connect: Monarchs
Conservation Connect

Join Chelsea Mckinney on the California coast to visit a Monarch Butterfly winter habitat site and learn more about these small pollinators that migrate hundreds of miles each year in search of food, areas to lay their eggs, and wintering habitats.

Conservation Connect: Monarch Tagging
Conservation Connect

Join Chelsea Mckinney in a meadow on the east coast to learn about Monarch Butterflies and how scientists tag these tiny creatures with hopes of tracking and studying their migration.

Conservation Connect: Monarch Tagging Educational Toolbox
Conservation Connect

Monarch tagging helps people monitor the success of conservation efforts using real data collected by citizens in many locations. 

Conservation Connect: Monarch Butterfly Educational Toolbox
Conservation Connect

The monarch butterfly is one of the most recognizable species in North America and it’s in trouble.

OLogy: Draw a Monarch
OLogy (American Museum of Natural History)

Learn how to create a scientific illustration of a monarch butterfly in a few easy steps!