The Kennedy Center The: Whale Trail
The Kennedy Center

How and where do gray whales migrate and what impediments lie in their way?

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona - War and Wildlife
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Students will read and analyze a newspaper article about wildlife research tracking the migration of red deer between Germany and the Czech Republic.

Arizona Game and Fish Department: Focus Wild Arizona Activity Sheets - Migrations
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Many birds and other animals do not like to live in just one spot.

Brains On! How Do Monarch Butterflies Travel So Far?
Brains On!

Monarch butterflies are unique — they’re the only butterfly to travel thousands of miles when the seasons change.

Raptor Resource Project: Just Passing Through!
Raptor Resource Project

Students will learn about migratory flyways and investigate one bird species found on the Mississippi Flyway.

Conservation Connect: Migratory Birds
Conservation Connect

oin Louie Ocaranza on a spring birding trip in the eastern deciduous forest to learn more about migratory birds and how scientists track populations through a technique known as bird banding.

Conservation Connect: Monarchs
Conservation Connect

Join Chelsea Mckinney on the California coast to visit a Monarch Butterfly winter habitat site and learn more about these small pollinators that migrate hundreds of miles each year in search of food, areas to lay their eggs, and wintering habitats.

Flash Forward: EARTH - The Polar Flip
Flash Forward

Today we travel to a future where the Earth’s magnetic poles reverse.

But Why?: Why Do Geese Fly In The Shape Of A 'V'?
But Why?

Geese fly in a V formation to take advantage of the windbreak provided by the lead bird. They take turns at the head of the V.

But Why?: How Do Fish See? How Do Fish Sleep? How Do Fish Breathe?
But Why?

But Why visits the New England Aquarium in Boston to get answers to those and other questions kids have sent us about fish.