Science News for Students: Five Ways to Cope If Shooter Drills Stress You Out
Science News for Students

Even if most students feel fine, everyone should know how to get help

The Psych Show
The Psych Show

If you love mental health or psychology, this is the home for you.

The Psych Show
The Psych Show

Do you want to better understand your thoughts, feelings, and actions? Be a better friend, manage stress, and make healthier choices?

SciShow Psych: What Social Distancing Actually Is & What it Means for Mental Health
SciShow Psych

Social distancing is a time-honored, low-tech tool for slowing the spread of contagious pathogens.

SciShow Psych: Why Diet Might Be a Big Deal for Mental Health
SciShow Psych

Mental health is super complicated. And many things, from your genetics to your environment, can affect it.

SciShow Psych: The Very Real Consequences of Weight Discrimination
SciShow Psych

Weight discrimination has very real health consequences, especially when some of the most common perpetrators are medical professionals.

SciShow Psych: Can These Psychology Strategies Prevent Bullying?
SciShow Psych

Bullying is a serious problem that can affect children’s mental health.

DNA Decoded: The Microbiome and Mental Health
DNA Decoded

Working collaboratively, students will contribute to an infographic that illustrates the connection between the microbiome and mental health.

Science Vs: Pets on Planes - Are Emotional Support Animals Legit?
Science Vs

We talk to psychologist Prof. Hal Herzog to find out if science has anything to say on whether these pets should fly high or be grounded.

Science Rules! How To (Still) Be Happy
Science Rules!

We’re joined by happiness expert and host of The Happiness Lab, Dr. Laurie Santos to talk about her research into human happiness and to take your calls, including one from Mike from Colorado who asks, “Is there a genetic component to happiness?”

Science Rules! Coronavirus: Why Your Anxiety is Normal
Science Rules!

Queensland University of Technology mental health researcher Dr Olivia Fisher explains what’s really driving the anxiety we’re feeling through the pandemic, and how to respond to it.

Science Rules! How To Be Happy
Science Rules!

It turns out being happy, or becoming happier is possible with a bit of effort.